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Jason Kulp

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After serving in the United States Marine Corps infantry, and spending over twenty years in the restaurant industry and law enforcement combined, I am now serving people in real estate in Palm Beach County. I moved to Florida from Columbus, Ohio a couple years ago to help people through an exciting life event, while providing attention-to-detail to their needs; plus, I love the beach and beautiful weather! I have a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and developing lasting relationships. I consider myself an avid runner and I look for interesting and enjoyable races to travel to and train for. I have been married to my wife Tracey for 28 years, and we started dating when we were 15 years old. We have three adult kids, and our middle daughter, Albany is my business partner. I recognize the importance of drive and determination concerning productivity. I am accustomed to putting in extra work to get ahead, and I acknowledge the value of balancing personal performance with the greater good of the project. I make decisions and take actions based on what I believe to be best, and I prioritize the tasks that seem most appealing. I see the end goal of a project as just one component. I adapt well to a variety of new or unexpected events without disruption and I embrace new and interesting challenges as they arise. I'm tenacious and insistent in reaching my goals and have been told I am an inspiration to others. 


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